New Students and Grads to Wharton Club of Korea

Dear Wharton Club of Korea


We are delighted to welcome the class of 2020 this Fall. If you have any chance to invite them to your clubs' activities or events, please let us know. The emails will be sent out by the Wharton Club of Korea.

Last Name First Name Affiliation City
Oh Meekyung WG20  Incheon
Gwon Hyunji WG20  Seoul
Kim Minji WG20  Seoul
Kim Jaehoon WG20  Seoul
Hur Chanbum WG20  Seoul
Lee Hyunjin WG20  Suwon
Han Jung Ho WG20  Suwon
Joo JunHa WG20  Seoul
Byeon Jeong-In WG20  Seoul
Choi Dahye WG20  Seoul
Jin Hyong Kyu WG20  Seoul
Kim Jaewon WG20  Seoul
Lee Kay WG20  Seoul
Lee Yoo Jin WG20  Seoul
Shin Yun Soo WG20  Seoul
Kong Youngjun WG20  Seoul


Also, there will be new Wharton Club members who will stay in Korea from this summer. Please welcome them and share your stories and experiences if you have any chances.


Last Name First Name Affiliation City
Lee Sarolta WG18 Seoul
Borges Patricia WG19 Seoul 
Park Haein WG19 Seoul