About Us

UPenn Healthcare Club had its first meeting on April 20th, 2015 where six founding members discussed and agreed to the core objectives of the club. The objectives of the club are to exchange and foster the members’ knowledge and understanding of the science and business in healthcare industry, and to network with members who hold diverse positions in the healthcare industry including, but not limited to, General Managers and executives of pharma companies, physicians, researchers, consultants, PE and VC executives.

Ever since the first meeting in 2015, UPenn Healthcare Club has had quarterly meetings to realize the above objectives. In recent meetings, we were able to invite a few distinguished speakers from the industry to enrich the contents and discussion of the meetings. Some of the speakers and covered topics are “Cancer immuno therapy” by an oncology medical doctor, “Evolution of artificial intelligence in healthcare” by a CEO of digital healthcare company, and “Status of early-phase product developments” by a CEO scientist from a bio-pharma company.  There is a strong intention and effort to maintain this practice as it provides wealth of information and platform for fruitful discussions which benefit all club members in their respective current functions and positions.

The club currently has 19 members and now wishes to extend this network through joining the Wharton Korea establishment. We believe such extension will further enrich and diversify the contents and discussions of the meeting and also increase the number of beneficiaries from this great learning and networking opportunity.


Current members:


회장 – 이명세, Mundipharma Korea

총무 – 신정범, Roche Korea 홍유석 GSK Korea
서재희 McKinsey 김솔 강남성모병원 함태진 Celgene Asia
구자성 좋은문화병원 김동우 Medtronic Korea 김동희 Edwards Lifescience USA
김승연, 김현정 Medtronic Korea 김현준 PH pharma 김희경
박경우 서울대학교병원 정유정 국경없는 의사들 양병국 대웅바이오
장명훈 Biosensorlab 전세환 Astrazeneca Korea 김한주 유한양행