Dinner With Wharton Lauder 2018



7월 18일 저녁 7시부터 이태원 단풍나무집에서 이번 여름을 아시아 (한국포함)에서 시작한 Wharton Lauder Program 학생 및 인솔진들과의 저녁식사가 있었습니다.


참여해주신 동문여러분께 감사를 드리며, Fall 2018 학기를 시작하는 참여 학생들의 행운을 빕니다.


Dear all


We were honored to be invited to the Dinner hosted by Wharton Lauder program students who visited Asia/Korea during the summer. Great food and exciting talks to share thoughts and ideas about Asia, Korea, and future career path.

A lot of alums have helped us to arrange the meetings and tours, and the students expressed their appreciation dearly. 

Wish the best luck to the students on their new journey in coming years.